Land Surveying Services

The Lands and Survey Department has statutory responsibility for the execution of all public (Government) surveys as well as for the supervision and control of all other surveys undertaken in Montserrat, to ensure compliance with the standards provided in accordance with the Land Survey Act and Regulations. To this end, all survey plans must be examined and approved by the Department before the registration of any land is effected in accordance with the Registered Land Act.


As the national mapping agency, the Department tries to ensure the availability of quality and up-to-date maps of Montserrat at different scales to facilitate the needs of all stakeholders. Within the limits of available resources, a continuous map revision programme which seeks ensure that topographic mapping is up-to-date is being pursued. Cadastral maps are constantly being updated while GIS capacity is being develop/ enhance to compliment the activities of the Physical Planning Unit and provide Digital Map Data.

Land Registration

This important service is concerned with the administration and the maintenance of a comprehensive system of land registration and other dealings with land based on a Cadastral Survey. It involves the management land data, processing applications submitted for land registration, registering land parcels, issuing land certificates, and registering charges, and other incumbrances connected to parcels of land to facilitate land transactions.

Crown Lands Administration

Crown lands administration includes the sale, lease, subdivision, alienation and maintenance of inventory of crown lands. All these form part of the responsibilities of the lands and Survey Department..